5 Years Textbroker.de: 600,000 Texts And A Positive Balance

After five years on the market, the text – marketplace textbroker.de draws a positive balance. With more than 10,000 customers and about 600,000 produced texts, the pioneer in this market segment has risen to one of the largest providers of the content industry. For the anniversary, various actions for authors and customers are planned in the coming weeks. In November 2005, textbroker.de went online for the first time. The demand for content was already back then huge and growing since then without interruption”, Jan Becker Farooq, Managing Director of the online marketplace, knows how to report. Positive economic performance was: alone in the past three years by 270 percent order volume has grown. The first author who registered at that time, is still active and has written over the years 1,300 texts for the marketplace. In total, textbroker.de now has a pool of more than 50,000 authors who daily create hundreds of texts for a still-growing customer base.

Actions for authors and customers as you for the successful cooperation textbroker.de will offer various events for authors and customers alike in the coming weeks. The subject content in the Center stands, but also a contest of ideas is planned. Textbroker.de: Textbroker.de is a project of the Sario Marketing GmbH, headquartered in Mainz. Project founder and CEO is Jan Becker Farooq. The portal has existed since 2005 are now more than 50,000 freelance authors. In June 2008, textbroker.de opened its subsidiary in Las Vegas, United States, which oversees the offshoot textbroker.com for the English-language market and markets.

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