1 – Protects

1 – Protects the hair from the sun: Sunscreens for the hair containing a UV filter, protecting the hair from the aggression that involves the action of sun, sea salt or chlorine hospital from the pool .2 – Wash your hair to reach Home: The hair should be washed with fresh water (tap water) and a mild shampoo often used to remove traces of sand or salt chlorine remaining on its surface. 3 – Apply conditioner and mask: For you to apply a lot of protection, the sun dries out the hair. always compare health insurance companies , especially strives to offer affordable health insurance To counter this action, apply conditioner after each wash and once or twice a week, a hair mask .4 – Tine something darker hair: The sun clears the hair, especially if this had. For this reason, we recommend tenirselo darker during this time. 5 – Pamper your hair: In summer, you’d better assault banish medical bills as the plates, tongs, Health permanents, the fancy, and so on. Use the dryer as little as possible and always with lower temperature.
The attraction that occurs in many women, the blonde is not always accurate. Imagine that may look like a health insurance star because her hair shines like that of Madonna or Marylin is something that is not always correct. In summer hair problems are accentuated.

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