The Group supplies the portable toilets Fersa Organic for Madonna concert in Valencia and Sevilla

The organizing team of only two Madonna concerts in Spain Fersa Group has chosen to equip the portable sanitation infrastructure for ecological public. Both Valencia and Seville, Group Fersa installed portable toilets over sales jobs two hundred species between individual restrooms, urinals and sanitary portable toilets for disabled special ecological.The number of health probably exceed the number originally planned, because the organization wants these recruiting only two concerts in Spain recruitment to live job search up to those who have already been held on the occasion of Madonna’s world tour in other countries. Due to the large fleet of portable toilets has Fersa ecological make this a unique company at the time of the expansion of more environmentally friendly portable sanitation units, if they were precisos.Para pop diva, the organization has selected FersaLuxe a company belonging to Grupo Fersa for the installation of luxury mobile medical trailers. Madonna will have at its disposal one of the trailers specially prepared for her.Fersaluxe also install another drive for recruiter the team of musicians and avant-garde design bailarinas.El trailers FersaLuxe health recruiting and the possibility of a custom setting them, make these ideal for such events.

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