Telecinco this crisis

Telecinco this crisis facing the audience at last. They ceased to be the desperate search of large data through point and events seem to have assumed that in order to regain lost ground is a necessary strategy in all stripes and with patience, with great patience. The latest measure announced is the release of Boing, a container of children’s programming in partnership with Turner to handle mornings on weekends and which aims to remove The relevance Lunnis (La 1) and Megatrix (Antena 3). Bachelor in Information Sciences (Journalism), University of Navarre, later specializing in Audiovisual Journalism at the University of Bordeaux in 1996.
Start your career in local television from Irun, Txingudi Telebista, where he remained for three years, a lot of work because the media was weak, (had to perform several functions at once). Reconcile this with his work on Onda Cero (Radio Antena 3 Group and Agence France Presse. In 2000 he became the presenter of the Territorial Information Antena 3 TV in the Basque Country, thereby replacing the journalist and also Francisco Blanco Argibay presenter. Seeing that the presenter had decided to pull charisma and tested in Antena 3 level.
In the year 2003 and following the summer replacements Sonsoles Suarez Espejo Publico in the program, was put at the head of Antena 3 Noticias Fin de Semana, this task has been accompanied by: Manu Sanchez (Sports) (2003-2006), Lola Hernandez (Sports) (2006-2007).
Its informative weekend usually leading to absolute hearing (data as of November 2008) citation needed In the editions of noon (15:00) and evening (21:00) before their competitors 1 TVE, Telecinco , Cuatro and La Sexta, with audiences that are setting a 24 and 27 and about 3 and a half million epsectadores. citation needed
In December 2006 Mirror published its daily broadcasts and start up the host space would be Lourdes, but she chose not to submit it and preferred to continue in the weekly report to spend more time with his family
During holiday periods (Christmas and summer) is the most prominent face informational Antena 3 and goes to take over News 2 (the informative reference to the chain) has been doing this work the Christmas of 2005, 2006 and 2007 and summers of 2008 and 2006.2007
In 2007, informative weekend driving at 15:00 Lourdes became the most informative of the year seen in Spain
The result of these data magnificos audience and popularity, in January 2008 we can see how the image of natural gas in the company ads on television.
In the Barajas air disaster (August 20, 2008) exhibit all of which took place in special Antena 3 in the afternoon and evening (also others on successive days).
Since last November 16, 2008 does not appear on television because of its 2 motherhood. my best song, with two of the greatest, Michael Jackson and which I watch every day on YouTube Their places are Sandra Blow.
These days, we can see in the “Basque Country Tourism Crono”-a telepromotions developed by Antena 3 and funded by the tourist area of the community for their walk-listed locations, showing their places and counting some details related to its people, traditions , etc …

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