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/ Saenz de Santamaria ensures that processing of three police controls in case pheasant disables Rubalcaba as a candidate for the next General. He says that Rubalcaba must give explanations to the public. The spokesman of the PP in the Congress, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, has assured Wednesday that three police controls in the pheasant case processing disables Perez Alfredo Rubalcaba as candidate of the PSOE in the general elections. Saenz de Santamaria, in an appearance before reporters after learning that the judge Pablo Ruz has processed the accused three of the cited case, added that the output of Rubalcaba in the Ministry of Interior a week before the car became known not pound you from the obligation to give explanations to the public. The spokesman of the popular has stressed that those explanations should focus on clarifying how it is possible that its number three – the former Director of police Victor Garcia Hidalgo has given a Tip-off to the terrorist organisation ETA. It is, in his opinion, of a political responsibility that Rubalcaba has to assume, and as the truth is chargeable to a Minister and a President, is not it less someone who aspires to get some kind of confidence of the citizens in the forthcoming general elections.

Saenz de Santamaria has sentenced news such as the processing of three police controls, including the three in the organizational chart of Interior exnumero, disables anyone and incapacitates for any position, also to ask for the confidence. Political responsibilities also has transferred responsibility for the clarifications not only Rubalcaba, but the PSOE in general, taking into account that in the upcoming General will be represented by someone not entitled to ask for the support of citizens. PP, therefore, will require political responsibilities to the Socialist candidate and request clarifications to the current Minister Antonio Camacho, although not under the format of the appearance in the respective Parliamentary Commission, but through questions at the next meeting of control at the moment. Learn more about this with Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Members of the PP will ask the successor of Rubalcaba, until a week ago his Secretary of State for security, by the evolution of the pheasant case, especially because Garcia Hidalgo was close associate of the new Minister. To Saenz de Santamaria, the alleged crimes for which it has process at three police controls – in addition to Garcia Hidalgo, the inspector of the Brigade of information of alava, Jose Maria Ballesteros, and the police of the Basque country, Enrique Pamies top j comprise one of the most serious news has become known in democracy. Because these alleged crimes that were charged to these three positions are collaboration with armed band and disclosure of secrets. While the defendants will have to clarify his role in the case in judicial instances, the three js, both Camacho and Rubalcaba, will have to face up to responsibilities political and parliamentary. Source of the news: the PP claimed the disqualification of Rubalcaba as socialist candidate for the pheasant case

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