Russian Territory

A large part of Russian territory is situated in a temperate climatic zone. In the cold season the temperature outside is below zero degrees, there has been steady snow cover. The arrival of cold winter, people are waiting anxiously. In this period, the main advance make sure to keep warm. Even in the south of the country often need to acquire an autonomous heating system, which is independent of the main gas network and electrification of the countryside.

Excellent way to save money and solve the problem of heat supply is the possibility of acquiring water-heating industrial boilers with wood or coal. Thanks to a solid fuel hot water boilers you will ensure yourself an opportunity to receive constant heat and hot water. In some cases, persists and another, no less significant problem – disposal of waste. On sale is a hot-water boilers of different sizes and capacities, which are designed to equip rural and village boiler, as well as domestic fuel are houses of the private sector, small enterprises and social facilities. Purchase of equipment for boiler will not depend on electricity and off-line to maintain the necessary coolant temperature. When an industrial boiler running on wood and wood waste, without such equipment is difficult to work wood and wood processing plants. In addition, water-heating boilers are safe for the environment, since the combustion of biomass in nature preserves natural the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. When has it's own stand-alone system providing heat, it can not fall into dependence on the constantly rising price of energy and save money.

The tree belongs to the discharge-free and relatively inexpensive fuel, and prices on the usually remain stable. Modern energy-efficient water heating equipment. It has high efficiency with low fuel consumption. It is possible The special design and use of specialized cameras afterburning.

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