Without a doubt, and from my own experience these three channels (blogs, email marketing and social networks) are the fundamental piece to make a perfect and efficient marketing online. Let’s talk about blogs as a key element to have a relationship and participation with our readers or prospects. A blog is actually a tool and is key for a good strategy internet marketing online. When you’re creating a blog you should think that will be your starting point so that you start your online marketing strategy, at least I so see it, your blog is where people finally lands to get information of value, social networks are a means to get to your blog and not to the reverse, but it is valid otherwise I think that loyalty to your readers without a blog you can hardlyIf you don’t have a blo where you lead them?. The social media marketing you do fabulous business relationships, there there are many fish hungry, but the end is always lead to your readers to know you a little more and I only can do that with a blog, there your can motivate them to pass to the action. Cundo not existed blogs was very normal that the loyalty strategy was that your readers invitaras them to visit your website, your sales page or to a page of capture, but the great advantage of blogs in the era of the web 2.o is that you can interact a lot with your prospects, let me I show you which allows you the marketing strategy for blogs: A blog allows you to have a direct conversation with your readers, they can leave you comments on your videos or articles and you can answer them immediately, but I do not believe this makes it popular to your business, everything is transparent and real, this makes your blog into something very interesting because although believe it or not your readers a blog that you have given much confidence comments positive or any type, they certainly take the time to read the comments of others, this is interactive and not static like traditional web sites.

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