Other uses

Energy industry: Titanium is widely used in building heat exchange systems in electric power plants (and nuclear real sale plants), mainly due to its characteristics of mechanical resistance (which causes the beams these are tubular exchangers are highly resistant to vibration and the thickness of real residential the tubes may be lower, facilitating the exchange of heat) and chemical (titanium, like copper, steel creates a layer on its surface, making it becomes much more resistant to corrosion). Chemical Process Industry: Some real property titanium alloys are used to manufacture components of the process industries properties such as pumps, tanks, chemical reactors and columns of fractionation plants using seawater as coolant. Also used in gas desulfurization units that reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from coal power plants.These applications real commercial are possible thanks to the great resistance of titanium to corrosive agents such as saltwater solutions chlorite and hypochlorite, nitric acid, chromic acid, metal chlorides, sulfides or organic acids. Car industry: A new area has been incorporated into the property management manufacturing of titanium components, where auto companies are incorporating titanium components on vehicles real buying manufactured in order to lighten the weight thereof, and such existing piers and titanium connecting rods. Especially in the case of the springs is improved Young’s modulus and better suspension.Military industry: The titanium is used in military industry as shielding material in the construction of aircraft carriers in the body of light vehicles in the construction of nuclear submarines and missile production engine Airbus A-380 with 11 t titanium Guggenheim Museum Bilbao titanium sheet covered aerospace industry: property Because of its strength, low density and which can withstand relatively high temperatures, titanium alloys used in aircraft and spaceships. Titanium and its alloys applied in aircraft construction forged primarily to build aircraft structural, ventilation discs, realestate blades, and turbine blades.Shipbuilding: The property has the titanium corrosion resistant real listings to allow some of its alloys are widely used in shipbuilding realtor where manufactured propellers and rudder shafts, pressure hulls underwater cameras, components and offshore lifeboats and heat exchangers, condensers and pipelines in power plants that use seawater as coolant, because contact with salt water is unaffected. Industry watch: sports watches that require a durable material often use titanium, a strong metal, white. The titanium watches are lightweight, 30 percent stronger than steel and resist rust. The first concern of investors should be risk factor, according to legendary real estate marketer and visionary is taking his talents beyond the top floor of his luxury penthouse projects They generally have a protective coating to make them resistant to scratches. homes for sale Boxes are made of titanium and even restraining straps. realtors Watch with titanium casing Jewelery: Whenever you are using more titanium as metal seminoble in the field of jewelry and costume jewelry.So you can find bracelets, earrings, rings, etc.., Made of metal. To improve the surface realty appearance of titanium subjected to house for sale different types of real agent processes that enhance their beauty. Sports instruments: With titanium being produced today than sporting consumer products like golf clubs, bicycles, fishing rods, etc.. Decoration: have also been used titanium thin films to coat some buildings, such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

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