Orlando Melo Naranjo

Some are relative, demonstrative, axiomatic, physical, metaphysical and spiritual. I advise you that youth live in all time, not the time. If they have any Vice try to be moderate, the important thing is that afternoon or early to stop it or overcome it, for nothing is more unpleasant than seeing an old man dragged by vices. Love parents represents while those live. Because even when you are great intellectuals, must not forget that their parents gave them everything when they were in invalides childhood. Some of you will say that I am writing a behavioral way, I can assure you that no, I’m not psychologist that alleged science I do not care. I’m just a great thinker like you. Remember that the first institution is the family.

We respect life, try not physically hurt anyone, because this way we reflect men big and rationalist. I recognize that there are people who possess little prudence and that the sole purpose of its infancy is the offense, but remember that low words don’t offend large men and more when they have understood the categorical foundations of reason. That you remember as a man or woman who finds solutions to conflicts in the powerful argumentation of dialogue, which is influenced by eloquence. Don’t be the common intellectual, which is arrogant and conceited. Plato tells us to be humble and simple, my mother tells me son no hieras so deeply to people when you’re right, if you don’t apologize. We enter in the field. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2 in the theory of Thales of Miletus, we find the principles of the scientific spark.

Even today little conscience has it. This is due to the ephemeral zeal that have some thinkers to achieve fame. Thales did relax his theory about early physicists, extracted from nature. By nature we can understand the word universe.

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