Lumber Wood

Very rarely, modern manufacturers, supplying lumber, escorted their products technical description of its properties, the recommendations for use. After all, only to wholesalers or experts may be known by the quality of a timber. Many varieties have a high level of water resistance, so they are used for construction and finishing baths, attics, exterior walls, others are beautiful structure, in connection with what they recommended for indoor use. It must be taken into account, therefore, going shopping, take a master or go directly to the sales manager, he give all the necessary information to answer all your questions. Many modern industries, as well as the construction is inextricably linked with the use of materials made from wood. Delivery lumber today is carried out in very large quantities.

Their main customer is the furniture industry. Although the products are partially replaced by a variety of boards and plywood, their relevance remains all the same high level. The smell of fresh wood can match virtually with nothing, he is unique. Softwood timber is a holder of a wonderful aroma, the creator of which is nature itself. However, it is widely use is associated not only with the fact that it fills the room fresh wood, resin which allocates pine, fir, spruce, cedar and larch to protect people from diseases. From this magnificent building houses and baths are used in shipbuilding and other industries.

Timber conifers are durable and high resistance against decay. Therefore, in a house built of these materials is always dry and comfortable. This is due to the fact that the tree structure provides a continuous exchange of indoor air, while its insulation properties in winter prevent leakage of heat, and provide coolness in summer. All this contributes to comfortable living. Beautiful texture, color and strength – these are the qualities that captivate the elite lumber. Oak is an aristocrat among other species of wood. Equal number of positive qualities with the Materials nobody can. It can be compared with iron and concrete, it is almost as durable as they are. Today it is used in large quantities for the production of furniture, doors, floorboards and other items. This wood has a very dense structure and therefore very heavy. In the old days it was widely used in shipbuilding. This is due to the fact that it is in the water, many times increases its strength characteristics. No matter how it was amazing, but true confirmed in practice as well as scientifically. Time – is the primary witness to the reliability of such timber. Oak can keep the original look of the centuries, thanks to the quality of our museums are now stored interior, made in the days of antiquity.

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