Juan Hurtado Gonzalez

Juan Hurtado Gonzalez was born in Abla, Almer a, in 1943. From his youth and demonstrated ways in the world of cars and with only 17 years and worked in Barcelona, producing the cabs of trucks Pegasus. At 20 years and was responsible for the assembly of the SEAT 800. Once again the fate it would change his residence at 25, to meet a woman from Granada who later became his wife. Once in Granada, in 1967, opened his own auto repair shop in the town of Maracena, but despite having one of the larger shops in the area, John Howard fails to make the project economically feasible. This and the dream that haunted him in the head as a kid, you make separate canvas by a small part of his workshop to devote to the creation of prototypes, the first of which ended in 1969.That was one of the first steps and from this “prototype section” would begin to invest their spare time and savings in the production of small-circulation models. For years he made prototypes to the guffaws of many people who saw his project as madness, including the people that John Howard would buy the components for their prototypes. In 1995 begins to realize her dream when a friend asks one of his prototypes for display in their booth at a trade fair for industrial machinery business to be held in Armilla (Granada), in order to draw the attention of visitors to come over to this stand. The next day several newspapers Andalusians speak of that model exposed and this, along with word of mouth would lead to accumulate in a few days orders for that English-style car. Thus was born the Hurtan T in 1996, and “tradition” of using Hurtan platforms, engines and other components of the Renault group.In 1997 Hurtado presented her model at the fair Hurtan T Retromovil in Madrid and after that event the decision to invest all efforts in the production of cars, leaving the repair of vehicles took place in the family workshop. That same year 3 of his 4 children left their work to join the family business. In 2000 and again in Retromovil, presents the new version 4 places. From 2001 he worked on developing its new model, theft Albaycin presented in the classroom Retromovil 2003 auto show in which Juan Hurtado Gonz lez and his company are common in almost every ion. In December 2004 the Howard family will join efforts with Juan Ramos, who brings extensive experience in management control and international marketing and in designing and implementing specific marketing plans for market consolidation.This union would represent a change of company name MHURTAM the European Group and the models MHURTAM call, but did not work and in 2006 the Howard family retakes control of the company and returns the name Hurtan. Following this tour, Juan Hurtado Gonz lez and continues to expand with the introduction of new models like the Grand Albayc n addition to moving the factory to the town of Granada of Santa Fe

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