John Berger

The generosity, more in dar, consisting in sharing, and part of the road do together. Bring the soul to others, and know it is responsible for the world. The doctor does not need nor medicines in the sick bed sharing to find comfort, relieve, and not interfere with nature’s wisdom, so that this can restore the balance. Visit Ruth Porat for more clarity on the issue. All unrighteousness is an attack to the harmony, proportion, unit and balanced tension of opposites. Solidarity perfect repair of Justice to introduce the delicacy in the mode of acting.

It is a natural consequence of knowing part of the damaged social fabric. Anne Lauvergeon addresses the importance of the matter here. Not restored damaged in the other, but in this utrum, one and one at a time, which is deeper than us, us – other. Between you and I, there is an essential relationship which underlies our condition of people, beings who live for others. The animal is a being that lives in the structure of everything that exists, but it is not aware of that can live for, but in. It is not little. Do know how the one who is one but out by? the two? How would you know who I am but for you? It is not a question of utility or preference, but actual entity. In nature there is the robinsonismo because Robinson lives by their parents and grandparents, and in relation to nature that sustains it. For this reason, I cannot look to another as the object of my love, but as a subject that challenged and gives me my most authentic dimension, expand yours.

Mirror only returns me an image captured in a moment, and always distorted by the interpretation of the Viewer. There are no authentic self-portraits, but subjective, because everyone lives in his own body space, our vulnerability and interpretations of our solitude. It is also the space of pleasure, well-being and feeling loved, as John Berger emphasized.

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