Ink Functions

They are the preferred ones for the domestic user, being simpler, of more easy maintenance and cheaper. In this article you go to know a little on the Printer the Spurt of Ink. The Canon company invented Printer the Spurt of Ink, in 1985, the first patented model was Canon BJ-80. All functioning of a printer spurt of funny ink around the Heads of Impression, two main technologies are used: Piezoelectric head It is a older type of technology. It is used to advantage of ' ' effect piezeltrico' ' that it exists in some crystals that when pressured they produce a tension electric; when these crystals are submitted to the one electric tension, them if deforms producing pressure. In the head that uses this technology exists hundreds of small full chambers of ink, one of the sides is formed by a piezoelectric crystal, and, in the other side a wall with a very small orifice. When one is applied electric tension to the crystal, deformed it if compressing the ink and expelling a microscopical drop through the orifice.

When it is ceased the pressure on the crystal, it if contracts sucking more ink of the reservoir. This technology is used in some Epson printers, and in them the cartridge is only one reservoir of ink, and the head is part of the proper printer. They last more time, however they are more expensive; if one or more than the hundreds of nipples to suffer irreparable clogging; trunk, trunk. Only buying a new printer. Thermal head It counts the history that in 1977 one of the researchers of Canon leaned, accidentally, an iron to weld in a full syringe of ink, what it made to gush out a drop of ink for the peak of the syringe. With this histra Canon illustrates the basic principle of the functioning of a printer spurt of ink that it baptized of ' ' bubblejet' '.

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