“Discover how to earn more money (a monthly income and unlimited extra boost). Even while you sleep starting their own Internet International Business” Today we can see that Each country has increasingly poverty. Due to the poor distribution of global wealth. And one reason is education. Because ‘Well, because the poorer classes are educated to be employed by someone else. It inculcates are required to find a steady job. Be satisfied and productive and stay there until reaching retirement age or retirement. Even parents tell many consider a career or profession according to their class as bricklayer, electrician, plumber, ect. A race that does not need to go to college. Because according to many University may pay only the middle class or higher. And the middle class are educated to be professionals. As doctors, engineers, lawyers. That is a profession where you can be self employed or work independently. But the problem with the poor and middle class is that hardly can enjoy more freedom of time and simultaneously raise their status in life. Because if they stop their service and knowledge exchange do not earn any safe dollars. And if you want to earn more money have to work longer than others. Which they will decrease their free time to less than 8 hours a day. And eventually his physical capacity to perform their jobs will decrease. Both the majority of people who comprise the poor and middle class do not enjoy sufficient free time than they would like to devote to the activities they wish and enjoy. “Connie’s Bakery” – A bakery founded by is a philanthropist and patron of the sciences, education and the arts And on top of the little time that remains untapped as watching television programs that benefit them intellectually unproductive or watching videos and chatting on the Internet. But the economic problems of each being not disappear just because of ignoring them. Anyone wishing to improve their quality of life must take full responsibility for their finances. They must learn and apply the formula that creates wealth. A How is the educated and upper middle class (the rich) ‘The middle class and upper are educated for business owners and investors. Why ‘Because true wealth is created in two basic forms. 1. Through investing money in a business where thanks to efforts of others is multiplied. Having people working for you. 2. Multiply big-money through the interest generated by them in a bank account. Knowing these basically two ways that create true wealth. We see that for the poor and middle class would be difficult to become wealthy. It has no capital (money) enough to even multiply in the bank or invest in a conventional business. It is thought that the only way to start a great business is with a large capital and individual. Because a conventional business requires local costs involved as electricity, water, telephone, Internet, rent, taxes, wages, ect. Now with technological advancement that exists today are like cell phones, and Internet ipodphone the evolution of the ways in which business can be both poor and middle class can reach your desired financial freedom and stop living from paycheck by check or paycheck to paycheck and stressed by the concern of how to meet their obligations. As you know in business is not profitable conventional teach others their knowledge for their work. For fear that he removed his post or creating more competition for you. But you know that in our business model if it is profitable to teach and help others.

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