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San Salvador de Jujuy, 21 February 2007 .- Writes Saul Fabio F. Maldonado Member of the Board of Directors TUJUME Foundation In the province of Jujuy these days are living a tense situation involving one of the most emblematic human rights, health, and who came to establish a climate of uncertainty and turned all Jujuy need to know what happens the most important social work for 41 years Jujuy, known as Jujuy Insurance Institute (ISJ). The ISJ born under two decrees dated 22/09/1965 and 31/12/1965, in order to contribute to the Provincial State in the promotion, protection, repair and rehabilitation of the health of its inhabitants. Hernan Miranda, known pediatrician and president of TUJUME Foundation (an organization dedicated to promoting and disseminating health education) said when referring to the Insurance Institute of Jujuy: “… This social work as ours, is exceptional. Their permanence in time demonstrates its structural integrity that allowed him to survive these calamities that pulverized sociopolitical love and long for other institutions that seemed indestructible Jujuy …”. What’s happening these days in Jujuy that inspired this slender, calm children’s doctor to pronounce with nostalgia and disappointment these words It all started with Resolution No. 109-ISJ-2006 of 25 April 2006, which approves the proposal from two companies, NOA SEMED CARD SA and SRL, to become providers of services coinsurance coverage and funding of medical and other “benefits” conferred by exclusive EXPRESS CARD NOA for members to ISJ. This is to change the old member ID card to the social state by a magnetic card “multi”. So far, nothing suggests that there could be spurious in this decision to the social work of the State of Jujuy, but began to receive reports of doctors, politicians, professional associations and consumer, coinciding all that was conceived in a “multimillion dollar business “with that resolution 109, thriving, some entrepreneurs (with the complicity of the state) using the health of Jujuy. ISJ currently has approximately 150,000 beneficiaries, mostly public servants who by law are compulsorily affiliated to the ISJ. This affiliation insured inspired some numbers and was born to do a great business that has ensured its success by all this mass of men and women who must cover the ISJ. What appears to be unreasonable in this story is that “the policy of the finger and the decisions taken between cocks and midnight” remains in force in a province where everyone knows everyone, not necessarily small town hell be big, but because the power is distributed among relatives, whether by blood or marriage, so the cronyism and economic interests and partisan play its leading role in this meat grinder that is the absolute power that corrupts absolutely. In Jujuy dismissed the intelligence of the people by pretending to favor two companies that graciously come to the directors of the ISJ to offer services enticing health coverage and other benefits if bizarre nature relate strictly to the right to health.

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