For the first time Greenpeace has come to the African continent much earlier – back in the early 90's, began to struggle against the brutal tropical deforestation in the Congo Basin and the destruction of fish resources of western coast of Africa foreign fishing fleets. In recent years, these problems added another one – global climate change. Is threatened and biodiversity of the continent. Endangered forests Democratic Republic of Congo – the largest surviving in Africa, forests, untouched by human activity. Without work 'on the ground' for international action to address environmental problems in Africa are already enough. The opening of new offices of Greenpeace will give the opportunity to conduct their own research and seek solutions in close cooperation with African ekozaschitnymi organizations. Scientists have figured out how to display a green American plant scientist Paul and his colleagues at Rutgers University in New Jersey installed as appeared on our planet plant. It turns out that all green plants owe their existence to a successful hunt amoeba-like organism.

According to scientists, about 1.9 billion years ago on this planet microorganism consumed a small bacterium that existed at the expense of solar energy by splitting water and extracting oxygen. Thus was formed a symbiosis – a microorganism and which existed inside the bacterium. Descendants of these bacteria were the chloroplasts, which are entities within the cells of green plants and algae. A through the process of photosynthesis that occurs in it, and there is a whole plant world on our planet.

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