Free Training Materials

Munich December 2009. The learning specialists of soluzione knowledge company offering from immediately free and customizable PDF courseware for Office 2007. For all the your employees, customers or just to even fit for Office 2007 would, is it from immediately a new alternative: the soluzione script Configurator ( to each his personal training materials themselves to together. Absolutely free of charge and tailored to the individual learning and training needs. There are basic of program operation or special topics such as pivot tables: the soluzione script Configurator opens with a large variety of topics and can be adapted to different levels of difficulty and levels of detail at the same time. With just a few clicks merging his personal PDF training documents out of 35 chapters with 380 units of learning.

The ready-configured PDF is then available for download. In the file using an intelligent serial numbers system is uniquely indexed and can be in the Reordered if necessary at any time easily are also completely free of charge. And who print version wishes, finds in addition his digital documents in the printing Hohnholt GmbH () the correct contact person: as cooperation printing prints by soluzione, binds and delivers the Bremen reprographics specialist with over one hundred years of company tradition all training materials at an exclusive discount price. More and more coaches discover the soluzione courseware for Office 2007 as a real alternative for themselves. Elisabeth Ebert, Microsoft Certified Master Instructor from Munich, had the documents already in use: “I’m very glad finally to have an alternative to the previously used standard documents for Office training as a coach. The understandable language of explanations of complex content is completely. The practical relation to the workplace situations of participating is unprecedented. Important themes in Word, such as the professional use of fields with form letters, finally once so comprehensively discusses how I she so far Yet in any training material found have.” In addition to the didactic quality scores training materials by soluzione but also in the field of blended learning: because the documents of the Munich-based teaching experts can be used not only in class lectures but also expanded with a precise pass conceptual and content e-learning: the soluzione learning world for Office 2007.

The innovative learning technology reduces the learning curve by up to 50% compared to traditional e-learning, achieve efficiencies of up to 70% and relieves the Helpdesk of a company by up to 30%. Companies that are migrating to Office 2007, for their employees acquire access to the soluzione learning world and their qualification measure to a blended-learning “upgrade” can a corresponding license model. The benefits: All learning materials, digital, as printed, are made of a cast and the usual disadvantages of heterogeneous materials molded together from different sources be avoided from the outset. But also “pure” eLearning is soluzione learning world possible. As enterprise-wide learning and knowledge she leads the way a company even without accompanying presence events through the conversion software.

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