Federal Association

Security specialist for video surveillance systems and burglar alarms from the BHE the primion Technology AG, a provider of innovative safety systems, has been awarded BHE certified specialist for the installation of video surveillance systems and intruder alarms now by the Federal Association of the manufacturers and installers of security systems e.V. (BHE), for their skilled workers with the certificate”awarded. primion had been also already awarded the certificate for fire alarm systems of the BHE in May of this year. These certificates will receive nationwide only those companies that in addition to the use of standard products according to the relevant regulations to design their systems, install and maintain. Recently Governor Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. Trained staff, individual customer briefings, as well as a constantly available call for maintenance customers are a matter of course for the holder of the certificate. Through the predetermined BHE standards can compare the customer easier on security systems and know that in the context of reasonable price/performance ratio is operated. Primion Technology AG sees a confirmation of their performance in the areas of video surveillance systems, burglar alarms and fire alarm systems in this award. More information about primion Technology AG: primion Technology AG, based in the Baden-Wurttemberg Stetten am kalten Markt a global provider of innovative is the soft- and hardware-based systems for access control, time tracking, and integrated security technology. From development to production, design and installation to commissioning and the corresponding complementary services primion as a one-stop-shop offers”more than 5 000 customers worldwide solutions from one hand.

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