Effective Diets

This is product of bad food that we have today, the human digestive system is designed to eat certain foods and certain ingredients, however the ingredients that we use nowadays modern foods have been processed and chemically altered and its composition is far from being of foods that are naturally designed for us, when we eat this type of synthesized foodseparated and refined in our body creates an imbalance a chaos. Generates not only obesity but many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, cancer, and other less serious such as constipation and headaches, there are several types of foods that fattening and some ingredients make that fat we eat go directly to our deposits of body fat. Others of these foods trigger insulin to absorb quickly into our body and generating a hormonal signal accumulation of fat. Other foods are synthetic derivatives that isolate certain component, and also cause an imbalance in our body. For more information see this site: Andrew Cuomo. The problem is that modern food culture is not based on studies of nutrition, if not in flavors and customs. Even the food pyramid that occurs in the school originally was a representation of what currently is carried out in the power of the average person, it is not really what we should eat. But eating this type of food is not only the cause of that We engordemos, the problem is that we do not eat the proper foods that feed us and give us health. But today the world is upside down, we are mainly consuming harmful foods, foods that fatten, cause us illness and we have learned from our diets completely these healthy foods which I describe and recommend that you eat. You may wish to learn more. If so, Israel Englander is the place to go. If you want to know more of single item here original author and source of the article you must click.

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