DFL: The German Football League

The DFL, which are shortcuts for the German Football League, was on 18 December 2000 as an Gmbh lifted out of baptism, and so it is still relatively young in its history. For the equity of the League Association came up, which has been listed as the sole member of the DFL. In addition, the League Association its operations to the DFL withdrew. In symbiosis with the League Association shall carry out the DFL, the events of the first and the second division. Their cooperation has been legally regulated in legal documents, which include the statutes of both associations and the basic treaty between the two organizations to the organs of the DFL are, first, the general meeting and the Supervisory Board and Managing Director. Whereby the supervisory board of the DFL for the Board of the League Association is responsible. DFB also a member of the presidency is the DFL, which is the house president. The functions of the DFL are divided into three divisions, namely, in the categories of licensing, marketing, and the area of regulation play. On the subject areaslicensing will include comprehensive tasks, which include checking of all clubs from the first and second division, and the third division. For these checks, the clubs are controlled based on the DFL licensing procedure, if they meet the standard, which are required for competition in professional football. These requirements may include many criteria such as safety standards, but is primarily reviewed the liquidity of the club, because that Spielbetrieb of a club is to be guaranteed until the end of season. As soon as the clubs meet the requirements of the licensing procedure will be issued a license. The tasks of the marketing department to include the broadcast rights to the TV and the radio and the Internet to distribute. The area Spielbetrieb cares about the direction of the gaming operation in the league with a license, and the organization and execution of the various competitions of the League Association.

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