Depression And Productivity

Approximately 19 million American adult workers allow depression to limit their productivity. According to the Association of American Medical Women’s, this includes 5 million women, many of which will be closed or lost their jobs directly due to depression. Symptoms of depression include emotional elements, such as restlessness or loss of pleasure, or physical elements such as headaches, aches and pains. These symptoms result in a reduced capacity to work, sleep, eat, study or enjoy leisure activities. Internationally known motivational speaker, Connie Podesta, feels there is a link between depression and the mixture of family and work life. “One of the main reasons for depression is the feeling of guilt at having to choose between family and work,” says Podesta.

By taking control of their lives, to reduce the stress of having to make excuses to your boss, friends and family for taking too long to one another. There are six keys to balance your life: == People need a healthy and functional environment. People need a safe place, a place where they can go to escape the negatives of a bad day. They need a sanctuary to rebuild their spirit for the next day. Fair rules and boundaries are a key to creating this environment.

== People need positive relationships. You should look for positive relations and repair, limiting or eliminating the negative relationship. But it must be done right, keeping important relationships. == Dealing with negative experiences. We choose how to react to every situation. In dealing positively with negative experiences, we can keep our lives in perspective. Positive Self-Esteem == Building. Think positively about yourself is not easy. Do not expect people to pour praise on you. Seek ways to build self-esteem on a continuing basis. == Timely decision making. Too many people have a problem or decision making little or struggle with big decisions. Some people have trouble with both. Failure to make timely decisions affects mental and physical health, throwing life out of balance. == Learning how to handle personal problems. Being able to identify the magnitude of personal problems and solve problems quickly and positively eliminates their impact on long-term happiness. Although you can master one or more of these aspects and the real balance that escape to the point that they have been moderately successful in all six areas. For those wishing to assess their current capacity balance, balance is a challenge without the Internet offers some interesting aspects of how they could reach the highly coveted life balance. Rick Weaver is President of Max Impact, a national leadership and development company based organization in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Rick is a business executive with experience made in retail, market analysis, supply chain and project management, teamwork, and improving processes. a l has worked with hundreds of businesses to improve sales, processes and deliverables.

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