Constitutional Court

This rule set is adjusted annually on July 1 on the basis of the German pension insurance pension adjustments, so therefore in the event of a suspension of pension adjustment no adjustment to the rule set. The rule set for adults is (still) at 359 euros, what but probably soon could change in light of the judgment of the Constitutional Court by the 9.2.2010. Entitlement to ALG II, are applied in addition to the rule set also the residential and ancillary costs unless the apartment as appropriate (i.e. for a person about 45 m m, another person approx. 15 m m more) is classified. Here, but no fee is paid, but instead adopted the actual costs, the performance with the Edition recipient, use your purpose and redirect accordingly to the landlord or owner. SGB II for one is also according to 21 “prescribed persons in principle the right to a so-called overhead”, including pregnant women from the 13th week of pregnancy, single parents of minors, people with disabilities or illnesses, a more expensive diet necessary make.

Add possible one-time contributions come”, in addition to the provided monthly control power provided for the ongoing maintenance can be. This entitlement class trips for a necessary basic equipment of the apartment including household appliances, a new purchases of clothing and basic equipment for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as in the case of mehrtagiger in the framework of the education provisions. These unique services are provided either as cash or as a contribution in kind in the form of vouchers). Unique services in principle also then entitled to, when no rule services are involved, but the income or wealth still not sufficient fully to these special requirements is important here, to cover.

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