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Chuck is an American television series created by Josh Schwartz (creator of The OC and Gossip Girl) and Chris Fedak. The series consists mainly of Chuck Bartowski, a crazy technology, computer genius, who one day receives an email containing images encoded in the biggest secrets of the CIA, as well as the National Security Agency of the States United States (NSA). Now, with that info, Chuck must save the world while working in the shop for cutting-edge technology ficiticia buy more.
The series is produced jointly by College Hill Pictures, Wonderland Sound and Vision and Warner Bros. Television. In the United States is broadcast Monday at 20:00 pm, Eastern time the United States on NBC, immediately before the series Heroes. In Latin America is the signal emitted by Warner Channel in Spain and the broadcast channel cable television and the 13th Street Country Autonomous.
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The Spokesman-Review
While listlessly see the pilot episode of ABCs Surviving Suburbia, I found myself pondering a question: What will ultimately be more difficult to fix our broken economy, or shopworn sitcom television genre ‘Maybe Obama guy doesn’t have it so hard, after all.
New York Times
How ‘State of Play, “a six-part BBC mini-series in the seat of power, was boiled in an American film.
Investor’s Business Daily via Yahoo! News
Thanks to the Internet, digital media and the sharp downturn in advertising, the future of television is fuzzier than ever.

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