Bizroof, Simple and Practical CRM

For organizations of all kinds, whether user associations to companies, Bizroof is another of the CRM available to them to manage their contacts. But not only that, since it also has a calendar of events, which may involve both their contacts or organizations added. Its structure has a certain air to the structure of Flickr, on the disposition of certain elements, and has two types of plans accounts, free and pay.
We are going to focus on free, which allows us to be 3 users manage entire cotarro of our organization, allowing us to add up to 30 contacts per month, as well as organizations, although we can add as many events as labels want. In this plan we have 10 MB free space to upload files each month.
The first thing we find is our board, which will reflect the latest activities we have done together with our latest news. In both the horizontal menu at the top as the column on the right the options will always be available in either option, to perform any action that we need.
And the first is to add contacts. To do so the next option allows us to access our contact list, allowing its search and registration of new contacts, adding their basic data, determining the level of privacy, and if we are, other information. The privacy settings will enable us to decide whether other people in our organization can access the profile of our contact or not. For any contact added he can add notes to your profile in addition to associate events. It also has a feed to continue their activities (notes, events), and has its vCard downloadable. Then we have the option of our list of organizations where they can register their names and label them, and also add contact details. And as the contacts, they can add notes in their profiles and associated events, have a feed of activities and allows the discharge of its vCard. Alike can link contacts that have already registered.
We have a calendar of events, where we see the events recorded and add new ones, with the same options privacy and details of contacts that we have as it adds contacts. Also available on a feed to monitor activities.
Finally we are able to upload files, with their labels, and also allows the configuration of privacy. If the pace of activities that we carry within the option of searching, we have some bar charts that show us the way clear.
Both from the board as the option of searching find options within the column of options that we have the right to the options of adding new people to our organization, and also the possibility of moving to a premium account

Bizroof, despite the poor logo that incorporates CRM is a simple, clear and functional, as they say in their home access.

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