An alternative model

The tradition of the critical needs-from Kant that this can not be observed only in the negative or incorrect design or proposal. We must also consider the positive and specify alternatives. In this case the specification is necessarily complex as a modern economy is complex, but if you want to do something more than simply denounce the evils of capitalism, we must confront the proclamation that “there is NIR Group no alternative ‘proposing a’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for example, states: “Communism forgets that life is individual. there are a number of interesting investment strategies that have added to the success of Corey Ribotsky Capitalism forgets that life is social and that the Kingdom of the Brotherhood is not in either the thesis of communism nor the antithesis of capitalism but in a higher synthesis. It is in the higher synthesis that combines the truths of both ‘
To establish such an alternative, economic democracy is based on three central assumptions:
A) The Hungarian thinker Karl Polanyi suggested that the motivating force of the economy must be subordinated to N.I.R. Group social needs. He states that human beings, the source of the work, not play with the single goal of providing the market with workers. In his’ great transformation ‘Polanyi said that, while modern states and the growing market economy under capitalism, both are mutually dependent on each other for their functional development. For the market to be truly effective, social structures must play a central role .
B) Assuming further that the economic system is not autoliquidizante (ie not generated in the general population in the income needed to purchase the product) but should be kept in the expansion (see economic growth), we also consider the investment analyst problem as settle the difference between what is and what is demanded. Regarding Luther King suggests that:
The problem indicates that our emphasis must be twofold: we Hollywood must create full employment or we must create incomes. People should be able to use hedge funds NYSE a method or the other. Once this situation is reached, we must focus on the potential of individuals is not wasted. New forms of (organizing) work that emphasizes the social good will be developed for those who can not find traditional work. ‘
As we have seen, Douglas and others suggest a system of guaranteed minimum income (see Social Credit)
Some believe that full employment and a guaranteed minimum income restrictions are impossible under the present economic system, for two main reasons. First, because unemployment is a central feature of capitalism, not an indication of a temporary failure Second, that while capitalism works well under what they call a “polyarchy”, ie a system that supports the existence Simultaneous investment manager alternative centers of movie producer power and some measure of popular participation in gobiernno is not compatible with genuine democracy. suggest that these ‘democratic decits’ have a great influence on how it is administered either as workplaces new investment, Some proponents of economic democracy favor the creation of a new model finance of economic relations rather than the reformation of the present.
C) Assuming that democracy is not only a political but also have profound implications for the management of the economy, Schweickart suggested that ‘the problem is not with having to choose between a planned economy or a market, but in integrating the two In a democratic system ‘ According to him, such a system the following characteristics:
– “Management by workers” (workers self-Manager) Each firm is controlled democratically by investment portfolio their workers.(see company autogestion)
– ‘Market’ these companies are related to each other and with consumers in a The NIR Group system that normally has no control of prices by the state. Raw materials, production means and goods are bought and sold at prices determined by the general law of supply and demand.
– “Control of social investment” funds for new investment are generated by a tax on assets and equity (capital assets tax) and are fund management reinvested in the economy Ribotsky through a network of investment banks.
Schweickart agrees that appears on this basic model simplified. there is a lot to be said for the young up and coming Hedge fund managers like Corey Ribotsky In the real world, economic democracy will be more complex and family of fund less that pure abstraction. However, it should have a clear idea of the structure to display the basic nature of the proposal.

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