Nutrition builders

One of the goals of nutrition culture is facilitating the strengthening and growth of muscles.
Nutrition culture is a specialized branch of the sports nutrition responsible for providing the greatest benefits to the athletes who practice bodybuilding (also known as culture), weightlifting, powerlifting and track the strength (Strongman), all these athletes have in common his training with weights. Nutrition culture is typical of anaerobic sports because you train each muscle group repeats ranging from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. This type of nutrition requires a balance of controlled intake of nutrients which is establishment of a balanced diet and the need to provide an extra protein needed to restore muscle worn during training. Usually the goal of cultures is an athlete able to obtain a large muscle mass because of the intensity and a low percentage of body fat to get a good muscle definition .
Athlete culture needs a higher calorie diet to a person of the same weight, but the ratios between carbohydrate, protein and fat will largely depend on the ultimate goals that the athlete intends to bodybuilding. 3 The use of nutrition (no hormone supplements) to improve the performance of cultures has led to the internationally known as branches: Natural bodybuilding. The establishment of mixed diets with the goal of muscle hypertrophy (muscle or a better definition) in this type of athletes has led to a growing market for media (books, DVDs, magazines, etc..) Who manage to confuse rather than be didactic. Studies of products offered to builders have shown 42 of those with little scientific information or mixed messages, being only 21 of the products offered along with an accurate and detailed information

Stress Killing Exercises Regular gym goers usually made to work for one of two reasons: either to improve their appearance or their physical condition and health level. Right after getting out of bed in the morning and I feel better and healthier. Another important thing that regular gym sessions that you shouldn’t be lost is reduced stress levels.
East Montgomery County Observer
The Fitness junkies meet Monday through Thursday and Saturday in the Hilton C. Schott Park to Will Clayton Parkway. The hour-and-a-half workout challenges even the best athletes.
McClatchy Newspapers via Yahoo! News
BAGHDAD Khalida Waleed wants Oprah Winfrey to thank for keeping her fit.
NY1 News
A new workout is exploring the benefits of head stands and handstands. NY1 Health and Fitness reporter Kafi Drexel filed the following report on the gravity defying classes.

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