Traffic Inspector

It is possible to configure different limits flow of traffic, the ability to alert a user when balance for a certain amount. The most difficult task occurred when the organization access to the Internet – it records users' traffic. The task is further complicated if you need lock users in variances limits, and if a different type of traffic should be taken into account differently. Also be taken into account and email traffic. The product is able to work over http and Socks, and without the use of these protocols are based on the network configuration by means of Windows.

All this is very useful when working with applications that need access to the Internet. Use Caching allows a fairly decent save traffic due to load cached objects from the cache rather than from the Internet. Good implementation of the identification client. Using the identification of network addresses – ip addresses, mac addresses were not suitable because of possible spoofing. Was used identification of users by name and password are bound to an IP-and MAC-addresses, which allows avoid unauthorized use of credentials of another user.

In the Traffic Inspector is a client agent, which provides a convenient tool to configure traffic usage (operating). Function display the balance of the balance is very convenient because the user can always follow up their balance sheets, as well as the flow of money or traffic for the current session. Attention should be given a function of speed limits of clients. Flexibility in setting speed limits of the client with setting up the reception and transmission.

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