Trade Organisation

To achieve the performance measures of procurement policy aims to ensure the desired level of reliability of the organization. these include: the number of suppliers, the proportion of suppliers that are trademarks, degree of stability of contracts, the level of security order book turnover 3. Rob Daley: the source for more info. In our view, the list of reliability should be supplemented complex following indicators: a) degree readiness provider to timely delivery, and b) dependability of supply, c) the degree of readiness for immediate delivery, d) level of flexibility of supply. Ready for delivery is determined by comparing the received and executed orders. This figure shows the coherence time of the order of commercial enterprise. Under the dependability of supply should be understood as the share of orders executed with the required time performance over time in total orders for the same period of time. Readiness for immediate delivery characterizes the fraction of the total demand for products which meet the expense delivery can be implemented immediately.

Flexibility means readiness to supply the company introduced a consumer to perform changes to your order. Level of flexibility can be defined as the ratio of the wishes of Trade Organisation changes to the total number of initial characteristics in order within the specified delivery date. Between the different objectives of procurement policy may be additional and competing connections. Often the goal quality, liquidity and reliability are established in the form of additional services. For these purposes, given the objective function of decision-making on procurement, which often takes the form of minimizing costs. One of the the most promising ways to achieve their goals is to diversify procurement, as to the benefits of increasing the number of suppliers include: an increase in the likelihood of successful the negotiation of price, delivery or other obligations under the supply agreement, the presence of choice in case the relationship with individual deliveries observed complexity associated with the delivery terms, quality products and services, the successful solution of problems arising with increasing sales, not covered by the current plan, deliveries or seasonal fluctuations in consumer demand

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