Third Millenium Learners

They left the learning in charge of the institution. The ADMINISTRATORS OF the THIRD MILLENIUM deliberately Look for to learn. Western Union is often quoted on this topic. They recognize the power of the decurrent learning of the work experience. They feel themselves responsible for its proper career. They assume the responsibility for its proper development. They face the education as a permanent activity for the life all. They perceive as the learning affects the businesses. They intentionally decide what to learn.

Picture 02 – Comparative analysis enters the Administrators of the past and the Administrators of the third millenium. Wick & Len (1997). Great part of the changes if concentrates in the fact of the organizacional learning, being now impossible of not touching in this subject in the day the day of a company who longs for good results. The wave of the moment is ' ' to learn aprender' ' , and to make with that both the parts, company and employees, earn with this. 2.2 – The profile ' ' esperado' ' of an Administrator in the present time an administrator of success in the current days cannot more give itself to the luxury of if focar in only one area, finding that only they will be necessary knowledge of what it really will be to act in the day the day. In way to the enterprise environment, diverse different situations are defying the capacity of development of ideas and potential of the managers there gifts. The used metaphor for Morgan in its book (Images of the Organization, 1996) already of the one notion of what they would be the demanded future paradigms of a management in the current days. The capacity of ' ' to learn aprender' ' it is being each time more valued by the organizations, that search professionals who know to use to advantage of this tool in way to create a species of net of data, information, and knowledge, generated thanks to the capacity to not only learn of the members that with it collaborate, but also of the team of management co-ordinates that it.

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