The Internet

The Internet is the worldwide data transmission. It was developed in 1969 by a project of the U.S. Department of Defense. There, universities and research institutions have been networked together in order to use the then scarce computing resources useful. The real breakthrough reached the Internet, but only in 1993 through the World Wide Web, the first graphic-web browser. Now everyone could access the network and the offered services and information use. To cope the Internet, and survey the variety of offerings to be able to search engines are used to filter terms and search needs.

The users enter a keyword in the search engine, on which they want more information. Now websites are defined by a certain search engine rankings which meet these requirements. Thus, the user reaches quickly to the desired pages. Another alternative to find desired sites are fast, are editorially maintained web directories. These are usually not as extensive as search engines, but through the manual maintenance they usually achieve a higher quality. Web directories also provide a brief description of each category and appropriate cross-references. From individuals the Internet is now used primarily for the acquisition of information, but also to download music and shopping. Nearly 70 percent of all Internet users have shopped on the Internet.

Thus the pages of mail order as well as companies used to sell only on the Internet. One advantage here is the direct comparison of the price. For this price are search engines. The users enter only the desired product and receive information as to in which providers this is the cheapest. Long way in various shops omitted. The Internet thus increasing the competition between different companies, which benefits the customer by falling prices. Even the customer when shopping on the Internet is independent of opening times and can shop at night or on weekends. Also the online banking on the Internet also plays a crucial role. This means the user enters Password to the bank's computer directly. Thus it can be transmitted next to the account balance and the transactions and transfers. Banking can be done in a short time, especially the transfer times are reduced. The Internet, however, also used for illegal purposes. This is done both to spy on bank data as well as the forbidden download music and movies.

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