The Globe

It folloied some companies in the implementation of processes of changes with the objective to give a more democratic character to the spheres of being able. However, when the strategies are analyzed in deeper way, she verifies yourself that more in the level of the personal relations is operated. Some organizations already start to get resulted for having taken in account aspects when redesigning its relations of being able. They give space to the effective participation of the people, knows ouviz them, to motivate them, to create conditions so that they are perfected, takes initiatives and assumes responsibilities. It is the way for an involving participativa leadership. We live a transformation moment clearly.

Jeff Schwartz, world-wide leader of human resources of the Deloitte, tells that it has ten years the RH if it dedicated administrative and manual the tasks basically. Some procedures of RH of the same company existed inside. Today the Rh is intent in unifying and simplifying the processes in the company, to terceirizar definitive activities and to have more time pra questions as development of leaderships, formation of talentos, etc. The organizations most succeeded are the ones that develop a sustainable relation with its employees and the community where they act. SOLUTIONS OPTIMIZED IN THE ORGANIZATIONS IN THE COUNTRY. We have some successful cases of companies whom they had invested in tools, technologies and solutions to be perfected in the market of products for the RH area as a whole. They had obtained to improve the work environment, to perfect exceeded processes, to produce training and to promote the integration of teams and people. The Globe, the biggest net of television of Brazil, has five years behind, decided to invest in the qualification of its 15 a thousand collaborators spread for the Country. To diminish cost company studied way more viable to carry through program of training, that would be a mega-project of training capable to reach since the reporter that acts in So Paulo until that it is in any part of the North, for example.

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