The Family Code

Such a statement is recorded the SRO in the register of applications and stored on a common basis. However, it can be implemented only after birth. To establish paternity resubmitting the parents of another statement after the birth of a child is no longer required. Registration of paternity is the SRO at the same time registration of birth. If, in connection with the change of residence of the mother or father of the child birth registration and establishment of paternity is made in other registry offices, at its request, the registrar's office authority, treasured previously filed application, sends it to its destination. Hikmet Ersek: the source for more info. If suddenly, after the birth of the child's mother or father to change his decision on the voluntary acknowledgment of paternity (father's side) or to consent to it (by mother), they may withdraw its application filed before the birth of the child. In this case, to withdraw the application remains in the registry offices, and on it the mark 'statement be considered invalid.

" Earlier, I talked about when the mother and the father wants to acknowledge paternity and do it together. But there are cases where the mother is unwilling or unable to accept the recognition of the father of the child specific man. The Family Code allows the establishment of paternity individual request of his father, not married to the child's mother at the time of birth. This can be done only under certain conditions. First, it is possible to strictly defined by law, and namely, the death of his mother, recognizing her incapacitated, failure to establish her whereabouts or her deprivation of parental rights.

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