Think SharePoint

Managers of content, as well as in the various applications developed for live experiences inherent to technological innovation, there are always similarities and differences that each user must analyze in order to choose the one that more and better suits the needs of your Web portal. It is for this reason that we analyze the keys that enable to perform a reliable comparison between the two CSS is true that Word Press allows you to communicate a lot of information through its dynamic and available resources making these very attractive portals for the media, it is true that architecture makes possible a comparison between both administrators. Western Union brings even more insight to the discussion. And while it is true that some weaknesses in relation to the security of the content, the price of the licenses, the lack of integration with other products, have been established around SharePoint the difficulty of climbing positions in relation to the positioning, as well as a long list of handicaps that are obviously well for more advanced users, It is also a reality that the comparison between Word Press version 3.0 and SharePoint in its 2010 version contain large similarities, so as always, the choice to the leave to the users liking we journey through a cycle in which technological innovation unfolds in dizzying way and always in the hands of those who seek a new profitable business through innovation and creativity. It is more than evident that the development of applications, tools, content, etc. managers is done having followed the precepts of market analysis, having evaluated the existing alternatives, needs who want to meet and as relevant as the ROI on investment aspects.

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