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The right part-time job – also in the Christmas season in the winter months many people on a side income are instructed, because they can not work as masons, roofers or student in their main job. For all these people, the portal offers matching offers and shows how even in the cold season along the way can be monetized. Even in winter by the way make money because in winter the job opportunities especially in the outdoors are severely restricted, rise unemployment during these months often significantly. Especially people who are working as construction workers or in the tourism industry, often in the meantime cancelled and can again begin their work in the spring. Macy’s Inc. has similar goals. However, is at home to stay no need to idle during this time, because there are a number of part-time job offers, which can be used to request. These offers are interesting not only for people in the winter break, but also an attractive income make possible. Many secure themselves with such a side job Families finance their Christmas gifts, such as under news/with nebenjobs Christmas wishes-meet / be seen. The right side job many companies that want to avoid the strict provisions in Germany, find online only a few permanent employees make an and assigned increasingly part-time jobs.

They therefore found in a wide variety of areas and can also be used in the winter months. So, for example, large supermarket chains often looking temporary workers who help such as cleaning up the shelves or are active as a point of contact for the customer. Also in furniture stores temporary search repeatedly, which operate on an hourly basis and help especially in the evening or on the weekends. Especially in the advent time, such deals in large numbers are available, because at that time the largest sales are written in the retail. Who works outside, can alternatively working as a temp in the winter service be or but on the numerous Christmas markets of the land Sell mulled wine and Christmas decorative items. These part-time jobs are in the winter especially interesting backup in supermarkets backup in the furniture and retail, particularly in the advent weeks selling mulled wine, hats and decoration at Christmas markets craft of Christmas items for sale work at home with online surveys work from home from especially in the winter months also part-time jobs are very popular according to the portal, which can be performed at home.

It is particularly interesting, to make money with online surveys, because unless a PC with Internet connection here, no prerequisites are required. At the online polls, consumers of all ages are asked about their buying habits, the evaluation of products and the quality of services and can pass on to their own liking. This effort will be rewarded according to survey company with money or but present. As an alternative to online surveys many handmade business especially in the Christmas season also offer the possibility, decorative articles from wood to tinker, which are then sold at the Christmas markets. Here, the range of possible part-time jobs may be but regionally limited. Press contact: TST media GmbH Feichtmayrstr. 13 82405 Wessobrunn phone: + 49 (0) 162 90 90 900 fax: + 49 (0) 8809 16 33 02 E-Mail: Web:

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