Company Transaction

So, in other words, information about the company and its activity, which is known in the external environment. According to the aforementioned theory due diligence, conducting financial audit will include checks directly within the audited company, in some cases, this due diligence, carried out simultaneously in several directions, such as checking with the participation of accountants, auditors and evaluators. Legal check the purity of the transaction involves the identification of legal risks. It partially encompasses some elements of the financial audit, if they are legal, such as tax, implications. From a large number of ways of testing the most widely used: the study of documents provided by the counterparty, and the information independently obtained from public sources, on-site inspection and interviews. The latter method is one of the most promising in terms of obtaining objective information: comparing views on one issue specialists of different levels and the profile can give very good results. Forces and means in most cases the company uses to carry out checks its own resources. This applies to virtually all current transactions, and most medium-sized projects.

Outside specialists are involved as necessary and to clarify certain aspects of the future operation. For example, companies can hire the services of independent appraisers to determine the real value of the leased property and the law firm to provide the documents requested to give a legal assessment legality of the transaction. When planning a major transaction using their own resources is justified only if the enterprise has its own specialists required level and the transaction is carried out on the ground profile of the company.

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