– Serious: I say this because use a sound of vts sytrus that it is of the DX7, with which I accompany the low one thus giving him but it forms to the base, in fact what it does is to complement to the low one, to this sound the ecualizo raising even more the serious ones. Not loose it in all the safe subject in the silence of minute 5.56. 4. – Syntes is 13, of thirteen synts 4 they are of effects with the VTS poizone 2 of them of 24 compasses that are those that gives to ascent to the subject the other two him are hihats with echo effects and deley, other 2 with poizone of 1 compass that them use to inflexionar the subject in some of the changes of rate. Other 2 sounds with poizone that are those that gives musical quality him to the subject: arp strat and arp Tdream, to these I apply to an automatization in the button cutof to them of the filter giving therefore a point of modulation to the subject where I have believed advisable, this gives much sense him to the subject. A sound with a DAP-gate of the VTS of nexus at the end of the subject giving him a change of rate in the end by far echo and reverberation in its construction. Other 4 sounds with the VTS vanguard that use to give some flexion them in the central part of the subject. Development of subject: It begins with kick and the low ones besides hihat that stands out more already the 15 seconds I enter with first synt of poizone that begins to give musical quality him, minute 45 already begin perc and the flexions with the sounds of vanguard besides the first automatization in syn giving modulation to the subject, in minute 1.31 I put the first long effect of 24 compasses giving him an ascent 8 compasses later I leave the big drum without sounding 16 compasses, for my the first silence, normally do not leave very deep silencios in my subjects then I am not very loving of them I prefer the modulations and changes of rates, I am conscious that group of people the risk of the monotony, but is as well as I like the subjects, in any case in this subject there is two silencios more and enough deep of 8 compasses minute 4.54 and de16 compasses minute 5.56, I end an automatization in the sound syn arpTdream and incorporate synt DAP-gate of vts nexus, giving another sense to the musical quality of the subject, in minute 8.52 finishes are like I have said 60 working hours, even that considering the advice of some friend dj of this page I am making a replica to be able to improve it, certainly they will be more hours to my backs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kellyanne Conway and gain more knowledge.. Original author and source of the article.

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