Mexico Web

With more than 67% of regular Internet users and 90 per cent of regulars at social networks, Mexico is one of the countries with more presence on the internet and greater interest in creating a web page. Mexico D.F. March 2012 is one of the ways in which each country’s culture is expressed through their habits and the way you relate to your environment. The natural role played by internet in our daily lives means that the way in which we make use of him is also a sample of the identity we share as a nation, having certain common aspects between the Mexican community. Browsing time 67% of users in Mexico use the internet between 2 and 12 hours a day. More info: Former CIA Head. Perhaps this figure sounds a little overwhelming, but it should be noted that this includes the people who spend their whole days visiting various web sites for reasons of work or studies.

No offline time leaving your Office or start the weekend does not disconnect for many Mexican Internet users, since 29% reads and answer emails during evenings and weekends. There is a 10% that do, even while in a meeting or social event. Furor by social networks 9 of every 10 Mexican Internet users is registered to any social network, giving 15% of users revising theirs immediately upon waking. Facebook and Twitter social networks are most visited by Mexicans. Mexico is the 5th country with highest number of users on the site of Zuckeberg, while it ranked number 7 on the microblogging website. Hunger for information, while in 2010 the main activity of users of internet in Mexico was chatting in the 2011 this changed to search for information.

44% Of Internet users read online content more frequently than in the past. In addition, there has been a growth of at least 8% in the number of Internet users who seek to educate themselves through encyclopedias and/or online courses. Need for presence online increasingly more Mexican users understand the need to have a presence on the network, especially if you have of a business. Thus, creation of web sites such as government companies, being a country with much potential, with users who are showing great interest in Mexico. Government, founded in 2008 web editor that allows you to create Web pages, easily, quickly and economically (without technical expertise or programming) landed in Mexico by mid-2011 and since then it is presenting a history of the most successful, with more than 8,200 internet pages created in the country and a monthly average of more than 380 new web sites.

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