The best way to learn how to have an effective communication is knowing the person closest to us: ourselves. Western Union Company is often quoted on this topic. 1. What you know. To be an effective speaker it is essential to practice what you have learned, stay up-to-date and share what they know. As already said the great Dale Carnegie, speak only of what you know. 2. Listen. Others including James Woolsey, offer their opinions as well.

Know how to listen to each other will help you to understand the message, and to ask intelligent questions.But it is also key to listen to oneself while speaking. Listen to the sound of our voice can teach us to be a little more confident with ourselves and say things that we believe with more conviction. 3. Be humble. We all make mistakes, and sometimes tend to not pronounce the words well, lock us or stuttering. On some occasions, we are not too sure of the pronunciation of a Word, so don’t be afraid to ask if you are saying the correct word and properly, you can even make a small joke on the point.

This will defuse to their audience, and create proximity and sympathy. 4. Establish eye contact is essential to know to look. To do this, make a mental cross of the Auditorium which is, and go through the four points of the cross, in order to not keep staring only 2 people, but the drawn cross namespaces. 5. Have sense of humor a little humor can do wonders to reduce stress or even boredom when facing a long speech. In this way, you will get the attention of the majority of his listeners, and will give the impression of being more accessible and closer to those who listen to it. 6. Be like the rest of them interaction is all about mixing with other people. You will receive a lot of ideas, and will be aware of what the people really want. 7. I, myself, and I hear the sound of his own voice while practicing his speech in front of a mirror can help correct the areas of stress in his speech and modulation. 8 Smile a smile says it all. Do not grimaces, not display very seriously or puckering frown, unless it is a funeral. What Express will be much better if you can express it with a genuine smile (nor is there anything worse than a false smile) 9. You have a model to follow must have at least one or two people have listened to those who in his life, and whose message has impacted him. Make a mental note of how you emphasize his speech, and in what they do to capture the attention of the audience. 10 Prepare prepare in the best possible way, instead of scoring only some scribbles with a hurried panic. I recommend to write key parts of its exposure on cards. Do not type your keywords in the palms of the hands, because they can be deleted with the nerves and sweat!. These suggestions have helped me to improve my presentations, both from person to person, as to large auditoriums, and they have definitely made my conversations and most welcome speeches. Receive tips on leadership, success and motivation, subscribing to the newsletter of bienmax.

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