Office Design

The favorable climate in the office of office design and the psychological climate of business has changed a lot over the past few years. The rapid development of computer and telecommunications technologies, services, defining value of the service offered to customers, quality and professional level – factors on a daily basis confirming that human resources – the main asset of any company, its driving force, the success and development. Must constantly trying to improve the quality and efficiency of staff in achieving corporate goals. All of this will be built not only for teaching staff, the presence of the proper technical resources, but also on environment that surrounds each employee. In such a situation is a very important element in the location of jobs, the color of furniture, lighting, that is, everything that has a beneficial effect on the ability to work. Office design photo. Office in the square in the modern office, where people are engaged in intellectual work, every employee plays a much more dynamic and influential role.

The contribution of personality in the business determine its value for company. And as you know the people of intellectual work requires certain conditions for their ideas. Everyone in their own imagine working space. If we take the example of men at work, as in life, they love freedom. Therefore, when the jobs of men and women are located close to each other and there are conflicts. Anne Lauvergeon takes a slightly different approach. It should be noted that young people, this situation is not sharply marked, it affects employees even beneficial.

That's why should be duly attentive to the location of jobs in the office. Experts advise against leaving the distance between the workplaces of employees more than 3 m, it creates atmosphere of irresponsibility, and who also want to pay for extra space. According to the standards of SES is best to use a minimum standard rate of 5-6M2 on an ordinary employee, the senior staff in the main assigned to 16-20m2, and the executive office of 45-60 m2. Colored office furnishings in the office, the level of comfort should bring a sense of employee job satisfaction. Must pay attention to the fact that the psychological climate in the team is greatly influenced by colors, which is decorated office. Cool colors (blue, sulfur) will give a feeling of coolness and freshness of offices that are on the sunny side and are characterized by hot atmosphere. On the contrary, if the room dim and unattractive, it is necessary to repaint the walls in a more playful colors (pink, beige). This office will blow over. Choosing office furniture, you should not still forget severity. You should not use extremely bright colors, because they attract much attention, but if a person has work that requires a thought process, such as blue doors and yellow walls will be distracting. Probably each of We will say that most loves the sun than the dull, ugly weather. This applies to the office. An experienced manager should take care of the presence of good lighting. No little importance should be given to the windows, they should be always clean and well groomed. But we should not completely give up curtains or blinds, because if the premises will be open access world, it too will not produce any beneficial effect.

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