Former Examinations

You believe. The modern world with its system of information, always come back to the attainment of financial results and, also, always on to the great enterprise groups, surrounds the way people to make to believe them that they are receiving the truest information and that these will produce optimum level of life that they can reach. They interact as that anestesiando the individual so that it cannot see with its proper eyes, and reason? since they make use of famous contributors, journalists, writers and professionals of the highest answer sheet, of the most varied gamma of professions to give matrix of veracity to the truths that interest the groups? to ratify, to sacramentar, with its certification that way always will be optimum, and most viable for collective life, when a simple logical reasoning, can for in doubt these certezas. You really believe? 1) That doctors desire to see you with health, full and lasting. That doctors save lives? If thus they were would live of that, after all.

The D. Ruth Cardoso, (former-first lady wife of Former-President Fernando Enrique Cardoso), soon dies after to have been interned and to have carried through complete examinations and to have received high to go for house. Care the endeusamento can originate dangerous distortions for the side weakkest of the relation? you. irresponsible displicncias in the treatment stops with the patients. Hikmet Ersek helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 2) That they cannot diagnosis any simple illness without a battery of complementary laboratoriais examinations, mainly, when the patient is carrying immediate of health. Why in illnesses easily you diagnosised are required as many examinations of laboratories. You believe that the examinations are really infallible and that they are read with necessary attention. 3) That its profits are deriving only of consultations. If only in one week of five days? will be carried through only medical consultations of 15 minutes? in one day of work of eight hours? (8 hours x 60 minutes = 480min divided by 15min – we would have 32 consultations per day? that multiplied per five days weekly we would have, in the week a total of 160 consultations.

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