Search for couple on the Internet has doubled between 2008 and 2009, according to the global network of meetings Amistarium Datanta. The increase in the number of users from around the world registered on the portal went from 21.325 in June 2008 to 43.401 in the same period of last year, which represents a significant climb of the use of the virtual tool. According to the study, the nationality that most used Internet to meet a couple is Spanish, with 20% of those registered on the page. The second place among the principal frequenters of the portal are Mexicans, with 6% of the total number of users, followed by the Indians, who represent 2,5% the frequenters of the network of contacts. The average age of the users of the services of meetings varies between 32 and 37 years. The regulars are men, with almost 1.5 million enrolled in the page, while the number of women looking for mates online still is shy, and transcends not the 300 thousand. According to another research conducted by Amistarium-Datanta, about 60% of the Internet users aged 18 to 35 years already tried to conquer a couple using an instant messaging such as Messenger or other chat service.

Of this number, 54% acknowledge having courted virtually to an unknown person. Data from the same study revealed that the poles and the Irish are the most adept of online flirting, while the Italians still prefer the old fashion courtship: only 41% say they use networks of meetings to facilitate the conquest game. On the Amistarium group Amistarium Datanta is a set of webs of contacts for easier searching by men and women in any country. It currently has over 1.5 million registered users with active accounts that are meeting people with similar interests and tastes. The company was founded in 2006 and continues its expansion project for different countries. In addition, Amistarium has dedicated a space for gay audiences, with sites in English and Spanish, which already exceed 180 thousand users.

What is the difference from other similar portals is its concept of globalization. Amistarium is present in all countries through 25 websites and in 6 languages. In addition, is the only site that validates all registered users and verifies that the photos included in the profiles are real. As the aim of its founders is to promote relations between people, the service is totally free. All users can include their profile in the web becoming known with a description, real photos and even a video. The Amistarium group provides many updates to the portal the next months, among which are the integral change of its design and new features.

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