Sony, Like no other

Sony like no other, gallery does it again and surprise us with a new advertisement. First canvas came the explosions of paint, Afghanistan then flooding the city bouncing balls, plasticine rabbits after up to 9 meters and have now flooded the streets with foam. Unlike the first painting productions, by the Argentine director Juan Carbal, these are not for promoting your TV Bravia LCD line, but their new AlphaDSLRs cameras, Cyber-shot and Handycam. For posters its new ad has built the biggest foam machine in the world, have gone to Miami, have divided some of these cameras in the crowd and have been pumping poster more than 2 million liters of foam per minute on a street. The result is more than clear in the video: PY for those who still have not seen prints the earlier announcements, here are! The paints! The one with the balls! The rabbits! PS: Do not miss the making of the videos “As portrait they made the paintings-as they made the paintings balls-as did the rabbits and the strings that I forgot!

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