New range-strong partner sites in the network after our successful launch in the category hotels & gastronomy”continues it blow by blow at SOCIALUS. From February, hotels, caterers and organizer can publish your meeting or event messages for free and easy in a new category. With regard to meetings & events”, not only our media network expands, but increased the list of well-known partner sites. In the new category, partners publish as:,, and your messages meet target, which are shared on SOCIALUS. I.e. an enormous increase in range each message.

“In addition we are pleased that in the category hotels & gastronomy” use more big partner sites, including and SOCIALUS. What is SOCIALUS? A social-media concept, which is an industry information system and spread your important information quickly, easily, and without wastage. Simply the Article, news or even your status message on SOCIALUS post in the industry-specific area – and already it appears on all SOCIALUS affiliates. You reach hundreds of users in seconds. Easily share news! How does SOCIALUS work? Maintain after you have registered you (or your agent) the technical content in the appropriate category on SOCIALUS a. You can enter information texts and photos, and even links to your video. Your posts on all, connected to the SOCIALUS system Web sites and expert are divided according to the timely release of information.

A tremendous additional benefit for you is that all users can share your message yourself on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Relevant trade media are convinced of the enormous added value for users of such information. How and what plans SOCIALUS in the future? SOCIALUS plans every month to the kick-off of a new category. In planning the industry tourism & vacation is for March 2011″. Are an important part of your website on SOCIALUS and contact us. Let’s look at your together Web site / blog on. “” “More categories such as: Wellness & health”, training & nightlife & scene “etc. will follow in the next few months.

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