SLIM, almost heroic deeds’ … NO!!

(Written in May/2007) I decided to tell my story because it seems that the topic is already well-worn and especially women who are overweight and suffer much because I know firsthand sense attorneys I lost a job by not giving the type, in order to prove this is impossible, no one admits they throw you “fat”, well I will tell you that for some time about 7 years to be exact, I was a beautiful woman premiere of the fourth decade of her life and find a wonderful husband, I married for the first time and finding happiness, until that moment everything seemed to go very well done and I was happy, so happy that I forget to take care of myself and my husband who is a greedy incidentally, innocently encouraged me to try the delicious food from your country (Spain), Bakery I tasted everything and was happy again, because it’s true that I felt happy, full of optimism, energy and great vitality and love for divide, but … and that’s where I stop to think that when this happened, I gained more than 25 kilos and started my decline as a person, the environment lawyers certainly had the disorder, that is my husband happy and it was not so happy because I was not clear , as might be happy if there were no clothes in my size and when he found besides my dearest, it was horrible seemed pillowcases, king size bed and not just any case, in order that I was not happy, I wanted to die when going off and not was to put on, leave to go out and smile and … a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company is

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