Sellers Franchising

This is a factor that the rate of increase of earnings from a network of often very small. The exception to the rule are people with talent Sellers, their income increases rapidly at the expense of personal direct sales, incidentally, they create a network. Its rate of growth certainly is not high, but when done right it will be very qualitative, and bring a tangible return. Agree that the terms of employment in any business is precisely the maximum earnings in the shortest possible time. Other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek offer similar insights. In summary, I would say that the network business model has tremendous potential to truly distribution of products.

The only drawback – a strong binding to the human factor and the absence of tuned circuits can accelerate the process and mitigate the human factor. Now let us consider the system combines both franchising and business networking. The essence of the proposed scheme is based on combining the principles of franchising, namely the means of transmitting business models, systems of work, trade mark, a special software to its franchisees. In principle there is nothing new and the very essence of the franchise has not changed. As for the quality of work with the franchisee, the proposal here was very strong.

Given that Company DeSheli who first applied the principle of franchising association of cosmetics and MLM, the proposal does not simply reflect, believe me it was not easy. But after you realize it comes to understanding the features and promise. So, as regards the system of knowledge transfer that here again the company reached a fairly unconventional – that is to train the franchisee organization system business from the ground before entering the main contract.

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