Road To Emmaus

How many times in your life get followed a path without thinking that God is going to your side unless you know it has. Sometimes your heart tells you, but your lack of faith does not allow you to enjoy your company. This story written by Luke in his Gospel, is an invitation to reflection. How does this our faith? Do we hear the voice of God when invites us to converse with the? It was the third day after the death of Jesus Christ. A related site: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo mentions similar findings. The Bible says two disciples of Jesus were on the way to Emmaus, a place located 12 kms.

Of Jerusalem. He is cited as one of those disciples to a man named Cleopas. Another passenger was probably his wife Maria, one of the women who had accompanied Jesus during his crucifixion, and that presumably was a cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The Bible says; were talking with each other for all the things that had happened. Your State’s discouraged in their conversation was due to events that occurred a few days earlier in Jerusalem. They walked to Emmaus in total disenchantment and they probably thought to abandoning the cause three years earlier had begun with many illusions and why had left everything. They no longer had an ideal that followed with the death of which had considered his master and to anyone who had seen dying on a cross.

Disillusioned returning, very probably, to his place of origin. A little later on the road, quote the Bible, approached them a man, but the Bible says; more their eyes were veiled so that not to recognize it. Jesus is interested in your conversation. He asked that they spoke and because they were sad, most answered them; are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who has not known the things that have happened in these days? Jesus asked what things? And they said to her; Jesus Nazareno, who was a male Prophet, mighty in work and Word before God and all the people.

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