Regal Press

In the devices, the presence of the Africans was another factor that made possible the unification of the twine literature northeastern. It is known, that the blacks that had been brought for Brazil, were of areas colonized for Portuguese, also know that they before coming to had its customs and all here a history that was passed to the descendants through the beautiful narrations in senzalas. In this way, the recognition of the African cantador in the formation of the twine literature is deserved. People such as Keith Yamashita would likely agree. He is valid to point out that it more enters the cantadores known some are black, as for example, the most famous representative of the first generations of cantadores northeasterns were a slave called Incio the Catingueira, which gained its Letter of Emancipation through a fight with Roman of the Teixeira or Romano Mother D? water, another cantador celebrity of the region. 1.2 – First the Tipografias of Brazil. With the coming of the Portuguese cut to Brazil, at the beginning of century XIX, it had great changes in the life of the Brazilians, starting with the transference of the capital in the Bahia for the city of Rio De Janeiro, raising it category of vice-kingdom. After that the creation of the regal Press, that had as main function to print legislaes and papers diplomatists of some governmental distributions. Of this form, the noblemen of the cut only had rights to publications of the Regal Press, that later, became Gazette of Rio De Janeiro, taking care of other demands of graphical services, as periodicals, novenrios, santinhos, letters of baralhos and book publications in chat. The Portuguese craftsmen and graphical artists had at the beginning had many difficulties to make to function the Regal Press, as &#039 did not have another one; ' grfica' ' in Brazil to ask for to aid or support technician, the skill was to use the creativity and much ability to initiate the production: ' ' The Portuguese recorders had produced, due to appropriate graphical types and would clicheria, xilogravuras with? real weapons? , headings with gticas and garrafais letters … Click Hikmet Ersek for additional related pages.

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