Real Ecoelectricity

Latest test results from oko Test and Robin Wood and orientation tips from consumer protection experts eco power offerings that deliver what they promise, are very rare. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is likely to increase your knowledge. Demonstrated by the two recent analyses by oko Test and from the environmental organization Robin wood. * the test magazine okotest rated only twelve of the tested eco electricity supplier with a very good score such Polarstern. And Robin Wood concludes in his analysis at all, that only six of the nationwide make green electricity supplier are recommended, also here such Polarstern. “The company is either proprietary or via the power plants, from which they obtain power similarly offered no tariffs of the few nationwide providers, which according to the analyses among other things… not with nuclear and coal-fired plants are intertwined, included offer minimum rates the coal or nuclear power, which is fed to 100 percent from renewable energy sources, or in the case of Robin Wood exclusively green electricity tariffs” offer, whose power mix at least to 50% from renewable energy sources and 50 percent comes from gas power heat cogeneration plants obtain electricity from new plants independently all these criteria in determining own change to take into account, that is often too much for individual consumers to invest in the expansion of renewable energy says Birgit Holfert, energy expert at the Consumer Council Association. Therefore, consumer advocates advise as they to inform one even on the website of the eco power provider about the way the promotion of renewable energy. This gives a good first impression. “Because who promotes anything, tells nothing.” Also helping change deciding on trusted guides such as the prestigious seal of approval to implement tests and recommendations of environmental and nature protection associations, to orient themselves in the jungle of green electricity tariffs. Finally, intransparent eco electricity deals are the most common point of criticism when switching to green electricity.

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