Playstation 3

Playstation 3 is the latest, with a hard drive-equipped game console from Sony. After repeated postponement of the sales launch for the successor to the PlayStation 2, was the official release date in Germany on the 27th Established in March 2007. It was first introduced to the PS3 in May 2005 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in San Francisco. The console will be released in Europe in two different versions. In addition to a hard disk with a size of 60 GB, it will be the reduced version with 20-GB. Despite the difference in important basic components, such as Cell chip, to guarantee the computing capability, gigabit Ethernet, to a permanent network connections, and the new Blu-ray recording system, which, save, overwrite and play an even greater amount of data in high quality possible to be present in both versions. Sony uses this system for the first time, to represent the high-resolution graphics in games and top-quality. Via USB port can be added missing functions, and its commercialHard disk with Linux operating system, allows a retrofit, which is not limited to products produced by the manufacturer. In addition, PS3 supports multiple software formats for video, music and image files. In addition, features the 60-GB HDD console with a wireless feature that offers a digital HDMI connection for HDTV output and is compatible with various external storage devices. Unlike the PS2, the new console, with a weight of five kilograms, a simple high-gloss design in three colors. Initially only available in Clear Black, will be followed by design in white and silver. The new Bluetooth controller is a revised version of the DualShok and retains the Boomerangform. The popular vibration function, however, was replaced by motion sensors. This allows for control not only by push but also by moving the Pats in the room. Not all new games or sequels to be released already with the sales launch of the Playstation 3. In addition, some of the recent Playstation GamesWork on the new console or sound-and video-related issues will be. Sony has established a database on which the user will receive help and information about backward compatibility. All new PS3 games will be available without the former region and are therefore not restricted to the consoles of the respective countries. Also an online gaming world continues to be free of charge. Information portals on the PS 3 Cheats and codes on the new games, with which the player can handle certain aspects of the game or has the option of advanced features that are still under construction, however, because the developers have not yet published them. The all-rounder enables besides the pure game mode, a free chat via Eye Toy camera, sending messages and the output of high-definition movies in the new Blu-Ray format.

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