PKV Comparison

In Germany there is the possibility to protect themselves with the statutory or private health insurance against the costs of accidents or illnesses. While parity in health insurance, a percentage of wages by the employer and employee is paid as a contribution calculated on the private covered for income-insurance premium. Factors such as the entry age, profession or gender are incorporated into the calculation of contributions. To be included in the private health insurance, one must not exceed a ceiling, or must belong to a particular profession. Professionals who are not insured by law must be, for example, civil servants, self-employed or freelancers. To the known benefits of PKV mainly include the treatment of head doctor, the right to single in-patient treatment, or the reimbursement of visual aids. Continue to include orthodontic treatment, physiotherapy and the removal of certain co-payments for the PKVBenefits. This varies from tariff to tariff and can be defined with the customer. With the help of supplementary insurance can protect certain individual risks. Included in the review are usually so-called Age reserves, by the age you can save money because of the initial overpayments. Currently, it is not possible to take them when changing the health insurance “, they fall accordingly. The change to another insurance is in fact often fraught with financial disadvantages. Furthermore, in the PKV in contrast to the statutory each family member individually to insure, which may result in the enlargement of the family in an unexpected drawback. By waiving service, and the known from other insurance deductible can keep the insured less his contributions, but does not without risks.

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